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I can't get in . . . . . Try our

Usually Java or a Pop-Up Blocker problems prevent getting in, or staying in.  This page quickly helps you test for these troubles.
Chat Access Tester
My Browser is having trouble . . . . .

If you have narrowed the problem down to a browser problem, this page may help
Browser Help
I'm still having Pop-Up problems . . . . .

Sometimes a helper program with a Pop-Up Blocker is the culprit 
Pop-up Help
I upgraded to Vista and I can't get in . . . .

Recent computer buyers with Windows Vista are having some new problems
Vista Upgrade Chat Access Problems
My Computer is too slow . . . . .

Maybe your computer
 needs some housecleaning
Clean-Up (TBD)
Maybe your computer is just too old

A 10 year old Pentium Clunker with limited hardware might simply not have the horsepower when running Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.  Linux is a mature, no-cost replacement for Windows which supports current software requirements  using older gear.  Tailored versions can provide acceptable performance within lowered hardware expectations.
The Linux Project (TBD) - Handpainted and Customized Canes

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